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Myths and Legends October 13, 2008

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Myths and Legends is another fantastic free resource for schools, provided by the South West Grid for Learning (but actually designed by their equivalents in the East of England). You can watch a range of myths produced by adults and children, with text to read, cartoons and some speech and animation. Then make your own with Story Creator 2: you can register your school, then all your children can have a go. It’s a great multimedia authoring tool in its own right as well as being superb for visual literacy. As an extra incentive, the excellent multimedia myths your children make can be published to the whole country!


Early Years websites

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swindonwiki.pbwiki.com has a special Early Years page which has picture links to a range of websites suitable for young children. Why not put this as your home page, so that children can explore the different sites independently? If they want to go back and choose another site, they will only need to click the Home button. If you have any ideas for sites which should be on this page, please add a comment here.



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Another great free program to download! Tuxpaint is a marvellous paint program aimed at the Early Years. Children can explore a large range of effects and produce great pictures. Because it’s free, you can also encourage parents to download it at home! Download from http://www.tuxpaint.org/download/.


Smart Notebook 10

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The latest version of the Smartboard software is definitely worth downloading. There a number of new features and an enhanced gallery, but by far the best thing is the new Lesson Activity Toolkit. This enables you to create, really simply, little interactive games to use with your children. If you have at least one Smartboard in your school, why not put the software on all the children’s computers: it doesn’t have to be used on the board, and children can use the Lesson Activity Toolkit to make fun games for each other. Your technician can download the program from here.


Rick Riordan in Swindon!

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Rick Riordan, the author of the fantastic Percy Jackson series of books about the son of a Greek god living in modern America, visited Swindon on Friday 3rd October. He was interviewed by Year 6 pupils from Wroughton Junior School.  Click here to hear the interview, or read more about Rick Riordan and his books at www.rickriordan.com and www.percyjackson.co.uk.


Tux of Math Command October 7, 2008

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Tux of Math Command (otherwise known as TuxMath) is another free program from the people who brought you TuxPaint and TuxType. It’s basically practice on the four operations, but a lot of fun as, when you’ve chosen your level, you type the correct answer and press Enter to shoot the question down in a Space Invaders-type game. The questions get faster and faster (but no more difficult), and if you are too slow they will melt a penguin’s igloo, causing a very cross penguin. It’s great fun, and a good thing to suggest parents download at home, though you may want to turn the sound off! Tux of Math Command can be downloaded from here.